Stories from Fontana High

The first volume of Royer’s experimental erotic horror young adult fiction set in a high school designed by MC Escher is now available! The book is comprised of four short stories set in a creepy high school with creepy students and creepy faculty doing creepy things. Surviving high school isn’t easy, especially if you go to Fontana High!


Ric Royer

Ric Royer is a writer, performer, performer of writings and performer of writings. He writes stories mordant and morbid, stages plays of absurd wonder, and sings songs of hope and disaster. A song and dance man of the avant-vaude, Royer is the founder and artistic director of Psychic Readings Co, a performance collective that has entertained, frightened and confused audiences with their interdisciplinary hysterics since 1999. More at

“I don’t know what I’m reading, but I’ve never been more horrified and amused.”

– Lisa Carver

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