MORE Stories from Fontana High

Senior year is going out with a bang for our favorite gang of students at Fontana High! Chad, Lilly, Cindy and the rest of the crew are back — but with a major case of senioritis! How will Lilly manage babysitting her brother when she’s supposed to be at the Spirit Dance? Will Tage find his inner poet when put to the test? Will Cindy be a tattletale and tell Principle Rhineblat about the decaying possum in Poor Noah’s locker? Find out in this compilation of rock n’ rollin’, hip-hoppin’ stories from the dark and amorphous halls of Fontana High!


Ric Royer

Ric Royer is a writer, performer, performer of writings and performer of writings. He writes stories mordant and morbid, stages plays of absurd wonder, and sings songs of hope and disaster. A song and dance man of the avant-vaude, Royer is the founder and artistic director of Psychic Readings Co, a performance collective that has entertained, frightened and confused audiences with their interdisciplinary hysterics since 1999. More at

“The gushing drama at Fontana High continues. This book will be devoured like a mouthful of Sour Patch Kids and Mountain Dew. With demented bubbliness, the writing and illustrations intermingle as if they were at a Slumber Party with Teen Vogue, Joseph Heller, and John Waters. What type of wild and trashy book would that produce?  It is out of the characters’ mouths in More Stories from Fontana High that Ric Royer puts the answer.”

– Jeff Schneider (Pig Roast Publishing)

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