Jasonwolfman 2022 Calendar

Jasonwolfman Power Animal System 2022 Calendar

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Jason Martin

Jason Martin, aka Jasonwolfman, aka Power Animal System, is a visual artist and musician. He has a few decades of experience in creating and exhibiting video art, performance, fashion, music and photography, Topics include the wolf people featured in this publication. They’ve visited Jason’s dreams most of his life and seem to have a message, a desire, involving wanting to exist. Their meanings and motivations are not always clear, but fashion choices are. Some outfits can channel 80s era displays of power, like ceremonial garb from across the ages, to assist in transformations. To assist them in becoming “real” in our space time, on any available frequency or format. After keeping this a secret for many years, Jason eventually came out of the closet by bringing these creatures into our world through his art practices, making costumes so he could become the wolf people onstage, at parties, and in the streets.

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