Basinski: The Blob

The Blob: A hysterical fictive autobiographical poem by Michael Basinski

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Michael Basinski (born 1950 in Buffalo, New York) is an American text, visual and sound poet. He was the curator of The Poetry Collection of the University Libraries, State University of New York at Buffalo. He performs as a solo poet and with the performance/sound ensemble, Bufffluxus.

“What. A. Wild. Ride. An ambling excursion into the life of a poet, the poetry of life, and the inexorable nature of the blob. We collect our whole lives, bit by bit; Blobsinski collected his whole life, bite by bite and he recalls it all in leitmotifs – lifemotifs that show us what he’s made of, and we get to see it all through his translucent body. This translucent book. It shows us what we’re made of too. You start out, like he did, thinking that you’re the blob but discover in the end, life is the blob, has always been the blob, and it’s been eating you the whole time. Your whole life.”
– Chris Fritton, The Itinerant Printer

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