American Victim

This latest act of literary depravity from the mad world of Meg McCarville follows her around the country for thousands of miles in her attempt to flee a wheelchair-bound stalker. It’s part Leaving Las Vegas, part Cape Fear, and entirely bonkers.
Cover by Mike Diana.

BUY IT: $12
[or venmo $12 + $3 shipping to @modelcitybooks, w address]

Meg McCarville

Meg McCarville is the author of Four Circles and DONT PISS ME OFF!  She is responsible for a shitpile of distasteful and vile material in written, video, photographic, performance, musical, and 3-D form. Meg moonlights as a phone sex operator and skype cam lady as she is a multiorgasmic squirter and a demented pervert. She is a lonely broke old hag with 13 cats. 

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