American Victim

Join the inimitable Meg McCarville as she becomes a marionette In a bombastically batshit puppet show orchestrated by a wheelchair bound psycho that traverses the country. Celebrities! Federal interrogations! Brainwashing! Lawsuits! Bathsalts! Cock ESP! Flamethrowers! HIV Infected human blood! Private investigators! The GREATEST RAP ALBUM OF ALL TIME! Hactivists! Slumlords! Feminists! Restraining orders! Kirkland Apple Pie! and VICTIMS! VICTIMS! VICTIMS raining like crippled cats and disenfranchised dogs.
Cover by Mike Diana.

BUY IT: $12
[or venmo $12 + $3 shipping to @modelcitybooks, w address]

Meg McCarville

Meg McCarville is the author of Four Circles and DONT PISS ME OFF!  She is responsible for a shitpile of distasteful and vile material in written, video, photographic, performance, musical, and 3-D form. Meg moonlights as a phone sex operator and skype cam lady as she is a multiorgasmic squirter and a demented pervert. She is a lonely broke old hag with 13 cats. 

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